Greta Christina: is still promoting safe, enjoyable sex and all the tools to go along with it.
Greta Christina writes for various magazines about sex, fiction and non-fiction, as
well as her own books.

S.I.R. Video:
Together, Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour are S.I.R. Video Productions, an
all-female independent pornography production company out of San Francisco.
S.I.R. stands for Sex, Indulgence, and Rock 'n' Roll and they use those tenets
to "create enlightening and erotic videos that will provoke, inspire, arouse, and
uplift people's attitudes and habits around sex and sexual health."  In January
2001, S.I.R. won Best All Girl Feature for Hard Love and How to Fuck in High
at the Adult Video News Awards, the porn Oscars. It was the first time
that an independent company has won such a prestigious award. In addition
to directing, producing,and performing, Shar Rednour is an author and Jackie
Strano plays with her band, The Hail Marys.

Fabula Magazine:
Unfortunately, Fabula Magazine ceased printing in 2002. Jen Loy and Jeff
Johnson are now editors for Kitchen Sink which explores thought, art, culture,
identity, and politics. Paige Penland works as a freelance writer.

Nina Hartley:
Since 1984, Nina Hartley has appeared in over 650 adult films in both
sexual and non-sexual performances. She is still acting, directing, and
educating women on issues of sexuality to this day.

Sharon Mitchell:
Dr. Sharon Mitchell recently earned her Ph.D. in Human Sexuality.
AIM Health Care Foundation continues to care for the needs of those
in the adult entertainment industry in the Los Angeles Area while
advocating safe sex on screen.          

Tristan Taormino:
Tristan Taormino's Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for
won Best Group Sex Scene and Best Anal-Themed Feature
at the Adult Video News Awards, the porn Oscars. In addition to directing
more adult films, sheis the editor for On Our Backs, a lesbian pornographic
magazine, and writes her bi-weekly article for the Village Voice entitled
"Pucker Up".

Jane Hamilton:
Jane Hamilton remains a top director for VCA Pictures, one of the industry's largest
and most successful adult film production and distribution companies. Her 2005
release, Misty Beethoven: The Musical, won Best Sex Comedy and Most Outrageous
Sex Scene at the Adult Video News Awards, the porn Oscars.