Hot and Bothered: feminist pornography is now being distributed through National Film Network.
A newly re-mastered version of the film is now out on DVD, which includes extras such as
director commentary, character updates and recommendations. To purchase a copy for home
or educational use go to

As always, I am available to screen the film at universities, events or film festivals, just email
me at

Hot and Bothered is on myspace. Add it as your friend and keep track of screenings, watch
clips, and more!

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Hot and Bothered: feminist pornography on tour with CineKink:

Hot and Bothered received an Audience Choice award at the CineKink Film Festival and will
be screening as a part of the CineKink's Touring festival. The first stop on the tour is January
18–20 in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission St @ 3rd. The
exact date and time for this or other screenings are not set yet so stay tuned!