The Differences Between Male & Female Porn

We have all heard it said too often how different men are from women. Apparently, these differences also apply to what kind of pornography both sexes watch. Research has shown that men enjoy a particular type of adult content. In the same token, it demonstrates that females prefer their own. Since the female and male brains differ, then what they enjoy viewing must as well. Fact is that women watch porn differently than men do. Better said, they prefer adult material which contrast from their male counterparts.

Adult film companies have taken notice of this already. They have been producing adult oriented films specifically made for women in mind. Female porn is fast becoming a trend which is changing the smut industry. Search engines and user search data have proven this as well. A large portion of the females who look for female porn, type in certain keywords. Some include the phrases “porn for women” or “Porn for females.” Many websites even have their own category pertaining to female related content. They had to make those changes since without them, these websites would not have appealed to women.

Tons of adult sites and film companies have been marketing pornography to females. The World Conference on Pornography is part of why this happened. During conferences, adult film producers found several interesting facts about male and female taste in porn. One of the major differences is that men prefer porn that focuses on domination and body parts. Males enjoy porn films which depict women being submissive. They like sexually explicit images that appeal to their visual sensory. That means showing more of the porn actresses body parts than anything else.

On the other hand, women like porno which is based more on mutual consent. Hardcore porn movies that depict men forcibly taking girls and having their way with them are a turn off. Females respond better to adult films which place more emphasis on relationships. That means the traditional male fantasy is out the window. Those typically require females in the scenes to service the males. Perhaps it’s part of why women enjoy lesbian porn videos so much. Case in point is how the lesbian category was the number one most viewed and searched for by females.

In order to target women better, adult film companies have begun hiring females to direct porn movies. Some women in the adult film industry have taken it upon themselves to do this anyway. Their female based porn movies are significantly contrasting those geared towards males. Unlike men who are visual creatures, women’s rely more on all of their senses. That means they do not place one sense above the other, but use them all as a whole. Showing images of love, intimacy and romance is what they find arousing and entertaining. Not surprisingly, typical male fantasy porn is found to be repulsive, offensive and vulgar by most women.

Guys enjoy porn images of women being dominated. The same for sexual scenes where the women are abused sexually. It was and is this type of porn that turned many females away from smut. Now, pornographers appear to have learned from those mistakes. Today, websites and adult film production companies are making tons of female porn movies. They have taken their cue from lesbian porn videos. These focus on intimacy, kissing, foreplay, massaging, touching and even dialogue. 

Female Friendly Porn Videos

Interestingly enough, there are still tons of girls who don’t like internet porn regardless. Most of these young women are using other ways to get their sexual fantasies or desires met. Chatrooms are very appealing to them since they can find cybersex this way. Still, for those who like to see porno which is female based, there is plenty to be found. Apparently, the adult world has been paying attention to what women want.

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